Experimental Short.

SHOT is an experimental film that tries to make formal sense out of senseless violence. Footage was found from every police shooting over the last two years for which there is available video. Each piece of footage is taken unedited, and aligned -- synchronised to the moment of the first gunshot. The film is a moving composite, modeled after the composite photographs used by criminologists in the 19th century to try to understand the archetypical thief, rapist, murderer. The end result is an uncanny wave of terror, violence, and outrage.

James Boyd
Samuel Dubose
Gilbert Flores
Charly Leundeu Keunang
Laquan McDonald
John W. Montgomery
Kaijeme Powell
Richard Ramirez
Jerame Reid
Tamir Rice
Keith Lamont Scott
Walter Scott
Ananias Shaw
Alton Sterling
Dillon Taylor
Ruben Garcia Villalpando
Antonio Zambrano-Montes
Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino


Directed and Edited by Aemilia.

Official Selection:  Chicago International Film Fest, International Filmfest Kurzfilm Hamburg, Manchester Film Fest, etc.

Runtime:  9 Minutes.

Full screener available upon request.