What I'm Thinking About Lately.

Sunday with Aki Kaurismaki. #bigfinnish #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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Me LN.
#moon #wwaeplaysthehits

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Godspeed. #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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The boat is leaking. The captain lied.

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Standing inside of Iñárritu and Lubezki’s VR experience I think of my own ancestors leaving everything they had to come to America. We are a nation of immigrants. You can try to strike the phrase from every document; the truth remains for all to see. #carneyarena #daca #immigration #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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Straight Time. Holy Moly. Get it together, 21st century. @filmstruck @rejano @boitty @edmundflynn @danaho #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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How did I only just meet this film? Thank you @boitty @rejano for straightening me out. #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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This is the french author Yann Moix, 50, telling the world in public and on record that he could not possibly love a woman over 50, because they are invisible to him. Hey, my young sisters: let’s be allies to our older generation, and protectors of our future selves. Let’s not take this shit for one more New York second. Let’s uproot this bitter old tree, use him for kindling, and grow something way more delicious. His kind of attitude can only exist in a culture where first, women are only judged by their bodies and not their minds, and second, we are not raised to revere and desire older female bodies. This is not intrinsic, this is not scientific, this is not a foregone conclusion; it’s a social norm that needs our help to evolve. #feminism #yannmoix #ageism #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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Early Cassavettes at LACMA with dad. Scott family style. @dougscott2150 #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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Participant Democracy. #election2018 #canvassing #democracy #knockingondoors #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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Andrei Rublev! At the Aero! Last week... but seriously, the 24 hour news cycle has taken your expectations of immediate information way too far. #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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#goodfellaspleasureandsocialclub #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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Fiona Shaw has had two words in this show so far and I can’t stop watching her.

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America RN.
#wwaeplaysthehits #venice #blacklivesmatter

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Saturday, Satantangoday. It’s a masterpiece. But after hour five I wished my ticket came with a warm bowl of soup.
#satantango #meritbadge #movieclub #wwaeplaysthehits

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Making funnies today. #wwaeplaysthehits ...

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Oh hey, you made it to the bottom.  You're a reader, and I like that about you.

Here's a little about me in text form.

I'm from Chicago and New York, but now I live in LA.

I came up at Second City, iO and Annoyance writing and performing improv and sketch comedy.

One day, I wrote a 23 page sketch that was more sad than funny, and realized I was making a short film.

I looked around for someone to direct it, and no one would.

My good friends convinced me to direct it myself.

I went to festivals, won some laurels, and made four more films.

And now, here we are together, you and I.